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What is "Church" anyways?

Church, (Greek: ekklesia), means “the gathering.” We are a gathering of people who have very different cultures, political flavors, stories, and even theological beliefs, but we have all come together in our common need for the grace found in Jesus.

Who are services for?

The worship service is for anyone and everyone: those who have faith and those wrestling with doubt, those who come to church often and those who have not been in a very long time, those who know a lot about Jesus and those who are just beginning to explore who he is. Wherever you are at in your faith journey, we welcome you.

What is a Gospel Community?

Our Gospel Communities are “extended spiritual families on mission” – groups of 10-30 that gather, grow, scatter, and serve together, meet weekly, and organize around a network, a neighborhood, or a need in the city! Each group is led by developed leaders and designed to multiply into as many areas of Sioux Falls as possible.

Gospel Communities meet weekly in homes to worship, pray, celebrate, share their stories, grow in gospel-living, serve each other, serve their community, and rest/sabbath.

What is a service like?

Our service runs for about an hour and fifteen minutes. During this time, we sing together, pray, and listen to a teaching on the Bible, and work to apply what we hear. If you are new to Christianity, you are welcome to attend. In fact, we frequently have visitors who are interested in exploring Jesus. We will regularly explain what we are doing and why as we move along. Children are welcome to attend the service with their family, but we also provide a great opportunity for them to learn with our City Kids team. Your child’s safety and security are our highest priorities! Our programs are run by a friendly, well-trained, well-screened staff. Your child will participate in engaging, age-appropriate learning and some fun games and activities.

What is a Kairos Group?

Kairos (Greek) is a moment in our lives where God’s kingdom breaks into our kronos (timeline). We meet in Kairos groups to take note of the ways God is breaking in weekly, decide what we’re going to do about it, and partner together in accountability.



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