Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Church" anyways?

Church, (Greek: ekklesia), means “the gathering.” We are a gathering of people who have very different cultures, political flavors, stories, and even theological beliefs, but we have all come together in our common need for the grace found in Jesus.

Why don't you gather on Sundays?

We emphasize people, not buildings, budgets, or even leaders. When believers work together in sincere worship and genuine community to accomplish a part of the mission of God, they are the church.

Visit one of our Gospel Communities. Worshiping with a large group of people can be great, but people want and need to be known. Life is best lived in the company of friends. Jesus himself created a small community with whom he pursued his mission. GCs are a great place to start a journey to a more simple and honest version of church as we know it.

What is a Microchurch?

Microchurch is the most basic expression of the church. Our ecclesiology is simple. When believers work together in sincere worship and genuine community to accomplish part of the mission of God, they are the church. We have 2 forms of this movement – Gospel Communities and Outlets.

Where do you meet?

We have 2 primary modes of gathering, Gospel Communities and Outlets. These groups meet in homes, bars, yoga studios, online, among many other locations.

What is a Gospel Community?

Our Gospel Communities are “extended spiritual families on mission” – groups of 10-30 that gather, grow, scatter, and serve together, meet weekly, and organize around a network, a neighborhood, or a need in the city! Each group is led by developed leaders and designed to multiply into as many areas of Sioux Falls as possible.

Gospel Communities meet weekly in homes to worship, pray, celebrate, share their stories, grow in gospel-living, serve each other, serve their community, and rest/sabbath.

What is an Outlet?

Outlets are individualized mission groups. We believe everyone is called to live on mission. These groups serve different needs within our community.

Outlets typically meet monthly.

What is a Kairos Group?

Kairos (Greek) is a moment in our lives where God’s kingdom breaks into our kronos (timeline). We meet in Kairos groups to take note of the ways God is breaking in weekly, decide what we’re going to do about it, and partner together in accountability.

What is a Huddle?

Huddle is a discipleship process created to facilitate opportunities for growth in your relationship with God, your understanding of the self, and the way you relate to and love others.

The nature of huddle is that it is being taught so that you can teach others. We are calling you to disciple others through the basics of following Jesus.



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