Growth in your relationship with God, understanding of the self, and the way you relate and love others

What is a Huddle?

A discipleship process created to facilitate opportunities for growth in your relationship with God, your understanding of the self, and the way you relate to and love others.

The nature of huddles is that it is being taught so that you can teach others. We are calling you to disciple others through the basics of following Jesus.

  • 1 leader, 3-5 learners
    • Information
    • Imitation
    • Innovation
  • Weekly Gatherings
    • 6 Months
    • 60-90 Minutes
  • Outside assignments
    • Reading
    • Reflections
    • Challenges


  • Establish your foundation of discipleship in the power of the gospel story before, around, in, and through you—you learn to see your story in light of God’s story.(UP)
  • Celebrate how you are uniquely made good in God’s image and are his God’s asset. (UP)
  • Learn to love yourself with God’s love by rewiring your initial self-talk. (IN)
  • Teach you how to listen/hold others’ stories (IN?OUT)
  • Sharing the gospel non-anxiously (OUT)


  • Learning how to identify, listen to, approach, question, and see God.
  • Learn the importance of action in the learning (repentance) process of discipleship.
  • Learn how to coach others in the process.
  • Tangible Growth in weaker pathways of the emotional expression to God.
  • Scripture being a safe place to ask the hard/logical questions.


  • Grow in honesty and compassion towards the sickness of sin in you instead of shame.
  • Honesty and compassion towards the sickness of sin in those close to you, and the world around you instead of shame.
  • Changing the association of Sin=shame to Sin=sickness.
  • Identifying the key lies you believe about God, yourself, and others and apply gospel truth.
  • Learn to repent and walk in freedom, finding spiritual pathways that help your healing and transformation process.


  • Identify GPS
  • Confidence in self
  • Create your own missional outlet, or join in with someone else; on a monthly rhythm
  • Engaging in a role in vocation (employment, church community (GC) that gives you purpose/joy out of your GPS.)
  • You feel the joy of God’s delight and redemptive sovereignty in your venues of serving the world around your gifts/passions/story



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