Gospel Communities

Extended spiritual families on mission

What is a Gospel Community?

Gospel communities are “localized spiritual families on mission” – groups of 10-30 that gather, grow, scatter, and serve together, meet weekly, and organize around a network, a neighborhood, or a need in the city! Each group is led by developed leaders and designed to multiply into as many areas of Sioux Falls as possible.

Gospel Communities meet weekly in homes to worship, pray, celebrate, share their stories, grow in gospel-living, serve each other, serve their community, and rest/sabbath.

Why Gospel Communities?

While small groups often help people with their relationship with God (UP), and their relationship with each other (IN), they can often become insular and miss the joys and fruitfulness of sharing the goodness of God through relationships with others (OUT). Gospel communities can make a much larger impact in serving neighborhoods, networks, or needs in the city than each of its individual members could – and provide the shared experiences for learning how to follow Jesus while on mission.

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